YOTSI Launches FUND-YES To Empower Youths and Women in Businesses and Agriculture

*YOTSI Launches “FUND-YES” Business Financing for Youth and Women Entrepreneurs in Africa* 
 *Victor Monday olajide* 

YOTSI Launches "FUND-YES" Business Financing for Youth and Women Entrepreneurs in Africa
The Youth off the Street Initiative (YOTSI), founded by Comrade Kennedy Iyere, a visionary humanitarian activist and accomplished social entrepreneur, has unveiled a groundbreaking business financing intervention program aimed at catalyzing the growth of young and women entrepreneurs across Africa.
 The innovative initiative, aptly named “FUND-YES,” was recently launched in Abuja in collaboration with Fidelity Bank and other esteemed corporate partners. Comrade Kennedy Iyere, a beacon of social change, underscored the pressing need for such a program by highlighting the staggering unemployment rates among youth even with educational qualifications.
 In a compelling address at the unveiling event, Comrade Iyere emphasized, “Despite possessing degrees, countless youths grapple with unemployment due to the scarcity of job opportunities. The most effective solution to avert this looming crisis is to ignite economic and job prospects for young individuals and women. In the current economic milieu, entrepreneurship remains the pivotal pathway.”

 Comrade Iyere firmly believes in the formidable work ethic of Nigerian youths and women. He asserted that with the appropriate financial support, they can metamorphose into thriving entrepreneurs. This conviction forms the bedrock upon which the “FUND-YES” initiative was established.
“FUND-YES” represents a collaborative business financing program and enterprise development fund, designed to empower aspiring and existing youth and women entrepreneurs seeking funding assistance. Its overarching aim is to enable the initiation of micro and small businesses or the expansion of existing endeavors into medium-sized enterprises.

 This visionary initiative aims to provide adaptable business financing avenues, empowering the younger generation and women to venture into diverse entrepreneurial endeavors. Comrade Iyere passionately avers that “entrepreneurship” holds the key to dismantling Nigeria’s persistent challenges of youth unemployment, escalating crime rates among the youth, and associated security risks.

 Comrade Iyere expounded, “The multifaceted nature of ‘FUND-YES’ mirrors the complexity of our society’s challenges. It operates under the auspices of the Youths Off The Street Initiative (YOTSI), a response to the dire necessity of lifting millions of youths and women out of the abyss of unemployment and poverty. This initiative not only tackles youth crime but also bolsters women’s contribution to household economic security.”

 The inaugural beneficiary of “FUND-YES,” Ndandok Limaro Thomas, epitomizes the program’s transformative power. She received an enterprise grant of ONE MILLION NAIRA (N1,000,000) from Comrade Kennedy Iyere, deposited into her Fidelity Bank account, aimed at amplifying her entrepreneurial journey.

 Hailing from Jaba Local Government of Kaduna State, Ndandok Limaro Thomas, a Mass Communication graduate from the University of Jos (UNIJOS), is defying stereotypes by undergoing an apprenticeship in Carpentry, determined to become a skilled Carpenter.

 Comrade Iyere affirmed, “For her exceptional dedication, ‘FUND-YES’ will provide Ndandok with a remarkable TEN MILLION NAIRA (N10,000,000) once she completes her apprenticeship in the forthcoming six months.”

 The launch of “FUND-YES” reflects Comrade Kennedy Iyere’s unwavering commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives economic growth, combats unemployment, and empowers the next generation of leaders. This initiative holds the promise of reshaping Africa’s business landscape and invigorating communities through sustainable empowerment.


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