South-South Stakeholders Forum (SSSF) is a formidable Socio-political pressure group with over Two hundred thousand members drawn across the 123 LGAs that make up the coastal States of South-South geopolitical Zone of Nigeria, which includes Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Akwa Ibom and Cross River States.

As enlightened politically conscious and economically active organization, we are mindful of the fact that in this 4th Republic, South- South is the only geopolitical Zone that has not taken a shot at the Senate Presidency and we are equally in support of our eminently qualified son who is also in the race to occupy the seat in the 10th National Assembly.

Recently, we were inundated with the news that South-South Community in FCT through their solidarity visit endorsed the candidacy of Distinguished Senator Abdullazeez Yari, The former Governor of Zamfara State and our interest was gingered forthwith. As responsible and democratically minded organization, we reached out to Chief Mike Okiro, IGP retired and Hon (Dr) Cairo Ojougboh to enquire why the leadership of the group shifted Political allegiance and support for South-South Zone against the North West Zone that has already produced the Vice President. After hearing from leadership of South-South Community in FCT in view of the said visitation, we came to the following conclusions.

That the group was formally invited and they graciously accepted the invitation in good fate since no law or regulation prevents such act of goodwill in political circles.

That the group is not part of the voting process in the Red Chamber, as such the visit does not in any way impede on or prevent our own Son, Sen. Godswill Akpabio, former Governor of Akwa Ibom State from clinching the Senate President position in the incoming 10th National Assembly of it is will of Almighty God, and such visitation cannot be said to be entirely against the interest of South-South Zone when critically examined.

That both Chief Mike Okiro and Hon (Dr) Cairo Ojougboh are both prominent and respected statesmen in South-South Zone who have professionally and politically cut a hitch for themselves and the visit having been done in good fate is still a plus to the interest of the Zone, as the saying goes, nobody knows tomorrow.

That as a geopolitical Zone, we cannot put all our eggs in one basket as far as politics is concern, even as we are totally at liberty to throw our support and endorsement to any candidate who has the interest of the Zone at heart.

In summation, we are using this media statement to vociferously affirm and validate the South-South Community visit to Senator Abdullazeez Yari as political alignment done in good time and in good fate, we rather commend than condemn the leadership of the group.

Snr Comr (Engr) Japhet Ogbueri Hon Victor Nse Udoh


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