Institute of Co-operative Professionals of Nigeria (ICOPRON) Held her 7th National Conference.

The conference with the theme: Sustainable Cooperative Management and Practice Pivots for National Economic Growth and Development seeks to promote a more robust and intergrated cooperative society.

In his remarks, the national President Dr. Olubunmi Fajobi noted that the theme of the conference was deliberate and timely in order to throes open variable inputs that's could move cooperative activities and especially ICOPRON.

In another development the governor of Niger state who was represented by the special adviser on special duties, Dr. Murtala Mohammed Bagana resonates with the theme and stressed that Niger state recently convened a summit of green revolution targeted mainly at the rural poor is an indication of the government sensitivity to the perennial plights.
Below is the excerpts of the presentation.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and esteemed members 
of the Media and the Institute of Co-operative Professionals of Nigeria,
I stand before you today with great honor and respect on behalf of My 
Governor, His Excellency, Mohammed Umaru Bago, the Governor of 
Niger State. His Excellency extends his heartfelt gratitude for the 
invitation as the Special Guest of Honor to address this distinguished 
gathering at the 7th National Conference of the Institute of Co-operative 
Professionals of Nigeria (ICOPRON). Unfortunately, the Governor is 
unable to be here in person due to other competing priorities, but he 
has entrusted me to represent him and deliver this Keynote Address on 
his behalf.
The theme of this conference, "Sustainable Co-operative 
Management and Practice: Pivots for National Economic Growth 
and Development," resonates deeply with the Governor's commitment 
to sustainable development. In his inaugural address few weeks ago, 
at the Niger State Green Economy Summit, His Excellency, 
emphasized the importance of addressing pressing challenges and 
seizing opportunities for a sustainable future. Today, I would like to draw 
upon his insights and expand uponJust as the summit underscored the importance of confronting climate 
change and environmental degradation while seizing the opportunities 
inherent in green technologies, our gathering today emphasizes the 
need for sustainable co-operative management and practice in driving 
economic growth. 
Nigeria's co-operative professionals play a pivotal role in fostering 
economic growth and development, particularly in a nation as diverse 
and resourceful as ours. Nigeria, much like Niger State, is endowed with 
diverse resources, both natural and human. These resources, including 
fertile lands, solid minerals, hardworking citizens and communities, and 
a rich cultural heritage, the foundation upon which our nation is built. 
As you might be aware, Niger State is blessed with diverse natural 
resources sitting on over 76,363km2 of arable land which includes 
abundant carbon assets, freshwater bodies, rich mineral deposits 
including lithium, gold, tin, talc, kaolin, granite, marble, copper, and 
lead, among others, and scenic landscapes. 
These resources are not just green assets; they are the very essence 
of our heritage and the source of our livelihoods. Yet, these invaluable 
assets are under threat, vulnerable to the relentless onslaught of 
climate change. We will therefore require the collaboration and 
expertise of co-operative professionals to guarantee the protection of 
our climate and maximize the natural assets for sustainable 
Co-operatives are not just financial entities; they are instruments of 
social and economic transformation. They empower individuals and 
communities, fostering equitable wealth creation, and promoting 
inclusive growth. The cooperative movement, with its focus on 
community-driven economic activities, has a vital role to play in 
harnessing these resources for the benefit
In Niger State, our mission is very clear, as embodied in our 20 years 
developmental blueprint and commitment to Nigerlites. We aspire to 
create a state where its citizens enjoy access to fundamental social 
amenities and infrastructure that enhance the quality of life. These 
include functional primary healthcare systems, access to highquality and inclusive education, safeguarded lives and property, 
assured food security, clean drinking water, affordable housing, 
recreational venues, and opportunities for sports and leisure, 
empowering of our women and youths. 
We envision a state with a sustainable economy, underpinned by 
substantial agricultural growth, investments in tourism, the utilization of 
renewable energy, the responsible extraction of solid minerals, fostering 
innovation, embracing cutting-edge technology, promoting diverse 
services, establishing free trade zones, cultivating industrial parks, and 
establishing economic cities as vital hubs for development and 
The sub-themes of this conference provide us with a clear roadmap for 
sustainable co-operative management and practice in Nigeria. 
Co-operatives can lead the way in developing sustainable farming 
practices, ensuring food security, and improving the livelihoods of our 
farmers - agricultural sector, therefore has the potential to be a 
cornerstone of national socio-economic growth as outlined in the 
Renewed Hope Agenda of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, GCFR. 
Ladies and gentlemen, co-operatives embody the principles of selfhelp, mutual responsibility, democracy, and equality. They are uniquely 
positioned to drive sustainable development by mobilizing resources, 
empowering communities, and fostering inclusive economic growth.
Embracing gender equality, professionalism, sound legal framework, 
practices and technology are key to enhancing efficiency and transparency in co-operatives with resultant boost economic growth 
and social progress.
Let us heed the lessons from Niger State's commitment to green growth 
and environmental stewardship. The Governor emphasized the 
importance of collective action in tackling climate change and 
environmental degradation. Co-operatives, just like the green economy, 
require the active engagement of all stakeholders. Governments, cooperative members, academia, civil societies and the private sector 
must work together to shape a sustainable co-operative landscape that 
supports our nation's growth and development.
As we gather here today, I call upon you to seize this opportunity to 
learn from experts, share experiences, and cultivate innovative 
solutions. Together, we can build a future where co-operatives are at 
the forefront of our nation's sustainable development, contributing to 
economic growth, social equity, and environmental stewardship.
In conclusion, may this conference be a steppingstone toward a 
brighter, more sustainable future for Nigeria. The Governor and the 
people of Niger State wish you fruitful deliberations and a successful 
Thank you for your attention, and may God bless the Federal Republic
Indeed this conference provides a clear road map for development and growth especially the small microeconomic strata.


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